To electrodynamics of physical vacuum. Complex systems (in russian). № 1, 2011, p. 83-91.

N.A. Magnitskii,

In work, proceeding from the equations of physical vacuum deduced on the basis of laws of classical mechanics, the system of the equations describing distribution of waves in physical vacuum and invariant concerning Galilee transformations is received. It is proved, that the received system of the equations of electrodynamics of physical vacuum possesses solutions, derivatives from which are solutions of classical system of Maxwell equations and describe distribution of plane electromagnetic waves both in case of so-called empty space, and at presence in it of charges and currents. Thus, it is proved, that from a postulate of existence of physical vacuum the conclusions follow about artificiality and insufficient correctness of Maxwell equations, about validity of laws and the equations of classical mechanics concerning the electromagnetic phenomena and about an inaccuracy of the basic postulate of the special theory of a relativity about a constancy of speed of light in any inertial system of readout.

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