Ethereal Model of Neutron. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, December 2014. Vol. 3, Issue 12, p.17808-17814.

Nikolai A. Magnitskii

The work is another step in building a mathematical theory of ether, carried out by the author on request of the company "New Inflow" leading theoretical and experimental studies aimed at promoting a new concept of creating energy devices. This theory allows to understand the mechanisms of appearance of matter and its transformation into energy. Separate sections of the theory including the ethereal models of electron and proton were published in some scientific journals. In the present paper the ethereal model of neutron is presented in the form of wave solutions of the nonlinear system of ether equations derived from the laws of classical mechanics. The definitions and formulas for calculating of its charge, energy, mass and magnetic moment are given. Numerical value of the magnetic moment of neutron is almost exactly the same as the experimental so-called "anomalous" value.

Keywords — Neutron, charge, energy, mass, magnetic moment, neutrino.

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