Mathematical theory of physical vacuum

N.A. Magnitskii,
LLC “New Inflow”, 128 Leninskiy Prospect, Moscow, Russia
Received 9 September 2010;
accepted 14 September 2010.
Available online 17 September 2010.

This article sets out mathematical basics of unifying fundamental physical theory, with a single postulate of nonvoid physical vacuum. It will be shown that all basic equations of classical electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and gravitation theory could be derived from two nonlinear equations, which define dynamics of physical vacuum in three-dimensional Euclidean space and, in turn, are derived from equations of Newtonian mechanics. Through the characteristics of physical vacuum, namely its density and propagation velocity of various density’s perturbations, such principal physical conceptions as matter and antimatter, electric, magnetic and gravitational fields, velocity of light, electron, photon and other elementary particles, internal energy, mass, charge, spin, quantum properties, Planck constant and fine structure constant will have clear and sane definitions.

Keywords: Physical vacuum; Electrodynamics; Quantum mechanics; Gravitation; FSM theory

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