Ether equations — a classical alternative to the Schrödinger equation. International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology, 2012. Vol.1, Issue 3, p.229-233.

Magnitskii N.A.

From the equations of the ether deduced on the basis of laws of classical mechanics, values of power levels of the ground and excited states of atom of hydrogen, corresponding to well-known experimental values, are obtained. It is shown, why and how the atom of hydrogen in the excited states is capable to absorb and radiate photons, and in the ground state - only to absorb. It is proved, that except for the ground and the excited states the atom of hydrogen can be in hydrino nonradiative states that cannot be described by the Schrödinger equation. It is proved, that transition of atom of hydrogen into hydrino states should be accompanied by liberation of a significant amount of energy. The hypothesis about hydrino states of a dark matter in the Universe is theoretically confirmed.

Keywords — ether equations; ground, excited and hydrino states of atom of hydrogen.

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